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Why Study in Netherlands?

Tulips, windmills, PSV Donovan and dykes are not all that The Netherlands is famous for. In addition to all the above, The Netherlands also has a world class educational infrastructure that provides quality training to all students who enroll in Dutch colleges and universities.

GO DUTCH for a special treat….education in The Netherlands is a prime choice for the discerning student. For comprehensive information and quality counseling, just visit the institute premises and talk to the friendly counselors on duty.

About The Netherlands

Holland, or more formally The Netherlands, is an internationally oriented and innovative country located in the heart of Europe. This makes it ideal for people who are looking to enrich their knowledge through study abroad.
The Netherlands has two main types of regular higher education: university education and higher professional education. The universities focus on the independent practice of research-oriented work in an academic or professional setting. The universities of professional education are more practically oriented, preparing students directly for specific careers. A smaller branch of education is provided by International Education institutes, which offer programs designed especially for foreign students.

Educational System in The Netherlands

International education in English
Higher education institutions in The Netherlands offer about 1,000 international study programs and courses which are taught in English. These programmers cover a broad range of fields. Curricula are intensive, at an advanced level, practically oriented, and designed to meet the expectations of students seeking specialized knowledge. The courses alternate theory with practice in real or simulated work situations. Most study programs and courses lead to a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a PhD degree, a diploma or certificate.
There are 14 universities in The Netherlands. These institutions essentially train students in science and the application of science, although many study programs do also have a professional component and most graduates actually find work outside the research community. The universities vary in size, with enrolments ranging from 6,000 to 30,000. Altogether they enroll some 185,000 students.

Universities of professional education
The study programs offered by universities of professional education (hogescholen) are professionally oriented. Acquiring practical work experience through internships is an integral part of professional study programs The country has 44 universities of professional education. The largest enroll 20,000 to 39,000 students. Altogether some 350,000 students are enrolled in this type of higher education.

Institutes for International Education

The Netherlands has been offering another form of higher education for more than 50 years: advanced courses taught in English in what is known as 'international education'. These institutes (15) focus on development-oriented courses, based on working in small, intercultural groups and the exchange of knowledge, facilitated by teachers with extensive experience of working in low-income countries.

Degrees: bachelor, master and PhD

Students who enroll in higher education programs will obtain a bachelor's degree upon completion of the undergraduate phase, and a master's degree upon completion of the graduate phase. Universities and universities of professional education award both types of degrees, but with a difference in orientation: most degree programs at universities focus on science, and those at universities of professional education on applied science. Institutes for International Education offer master's programs
but no bachelor's programs .

A bachelor's program at a university requires three years of full-time study (180 credits) to complete while a bachelor's program offered by a university of professional education requires four years of full-time study (240 credits). Depending on the discipline, master's programs at universities, universities of professional education and institutes for International Education will last one to two years (60-120 credits). The doctorate (PhD) takes at least four years.

Service Package

Our main service is to help students make The Netherlands more accessible to them. We offer free counseling to interested students who want to study in The Netherlands. We also arrange for Dutch language classes. We conduct an orientation class for students with Visa to The Netherlands about The Netherlands, its culture, lifestyle, living in The Netherlands, travel and accommodation, etc. The following are the details of the service package

• Counseling on Universities/Colleges
• Counseling on Majors, Minors, Electives
• College/University selection
• Advice on document collection for admissions in the relevant institution
• Procurement of Offer Letter (where applicable)
• Procurement of the relevant Admission Documents (INS I-20 in the case of USA and letter of Enrollment in the
  case of Commonwealth nations)
• Advise on document compilation for the Embassy Interview
• Orientation is also provided for arrival in The Netherlands
• Housing
• Airport Pick up  


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